To make the most of your " Posh " experience, please remember making money and having fun at the same time is easy to do if you keep these key tips in mind: 

1.  Items are accepted seasonally:  Spring items late February and March, Summer in April, May, and June, Fall late August and September, and Winter in  late September through mid November.                  

2.  Youmust  phone ahead or email us to set up an appointment to bring in items for consignment. Please have a rough estimate of how many items you will be bringing. 

3.  Clothing should be neatly folded,CLEAN, free of pet hair, smoke odor, deoderant, and in excellent condition with all labels in tact.(please no hangers unless your item will wrinkle a lot. Such as a formal gown from the dry cleaners, items that are 100% linen or 100% cotton that have been pressed,leather clothing, etc...)

4.  All items must be in style, within the last 5 years, however certain vintage items such as jewelry, purses, scarves, belts and couture items may be accepted at our discretion.

5.  To ensure high-quality items and happy shoppers, Posh Threads will  not accept items from the following:   WalMart, Old Navy, Fashion Bug, Target, Payless, H&M, Aeoropostle, Forever 21, Maurices, Shein and Kohl's.

6.  Lingerie, pjs, undergarments, slippers, clothing w/o labels, handmade/altered clothing will not be taken.

7. You will get 40% of the selling price for your item once it has sold. If your item sells for over $100.00 you will get 50% of the selling price.

8. Please trust our judgement. If we do not accept an item for consignment  it is not our intention to disrespect or insult in any way.  We always want you to have a wonderful experience in our store.

Posh Threads